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Mavic Repair Services

Mavics have very sensitive cameras because of it's size. And when it takes impact from a crash, most cameras even without visible physical damage will not survive. And even if we replace some parts of it like torn cables and vibration boards, it will no longer be repairable. And the circuit board and gimbal motors are not sold separately by DJI, thus we can't replace them. So if your Mavic camera has issues, there is a 50/50 chance that it is unfixable and needs a brand new camera for $349.99 + $50 labor with us. However, don't be dismayed, as you may not belong to the 50% fixable ones.

Our Repair cost is at $99 labor + cost of parts. 

Promo EXCLUDES labor for camera repair, shell replacement.

Pay only AFTER the repair is done.

You can back-out from an expensive repair and we will return it at NO CHARGE for unfixed drones.

Scenario 1

The Diagnosis

Does it still fly? Yes.

Does the camera still give you video? Yes.

How does the camera behave when turned on? It moves, but keeps moving around

Cost of Repair​

Low​ Estimate: $100 - $200 (Including parts and labor)​​

High Estimate: $399.99 (Including parts and labor)​


A mavic camera that takes impact from a crash will damage motors and circuit boards that is non-replaceable because DJI doesn't sell those replacement parts. These damages may not be visible physically, but they affect the internals of the gimbal. In this case, the only fix is with a brand new camera for $349.99 + $50 labor. The only replaceable parts for this camera is the ribbon cable and the vibration mount.

Scenario 2


Does it still fly? Yes.​

Does the camera still give you video? No.

How does the camera behave when turned on? It doesn't move at all.

Cost of Repair​

Low Estimate: $120 (Including parts and labor)​​

High Estimate: $399.99 (Including parts and labor)


The gimbal doesn't move because the ribbon cable that gives power to the motors are torn. Luckily, a ribbon cable is available and replaceable! So when we install the ribbon cable in, let's hope and cross our fingers that the gimbal will still balance correctly. There is a 50/50 chance that even with a brand new cable, the camera will not function properly. If this happens, our only hope is a brand new camera which means $349.99 + $50 labor.​

Scenario 3


Does it still fly? It can't. Motors will turn, but the arms are broken.

Cost of Repair

Labor would be $70 regardless of how many broken arms, and $60 for every arm that needs replacement.

Scenario 4


Does it still fly? No. It says ESC Error.

Cost of Repair​

Low Estimate: $​130 (Including parts and labor)​​

High Estimate: $250 (Including parts and labor)​​


An ESC Error can only mean two things - 1. One or more motors are damaged, 2. The main aircraft motherboard is damaged. This is a very tricky repair since the cost would vary upon how many motors got damaged and whether the motherboard is fixable or not. We would have to get our hands on the drone before we will be able to get an accurate estimate, but we will call you before we fix the drone if we go over the pre-approved budget.​

Common Replacement Parts

Front Left/Right Arm w/Motor

$65 + $99 = $398

Brand new Camera Assemble

$349 + $49 = $398

Ribbon Cable

$25 + $99 Labor = $124

Back Left/Right Arm w/Motor

$49 + $99 = $148

Refurbished Camera Assembly

$250 + Free Installation


Drone Repair Expert is a group of drone repair experts that has been in the drone-fixing business for more than 10 years. We have started out as RC plane hobbyists. Drones came out a few years back and our whole team became fascinated with the technology, that we included to make a career out of building and fixing them. Since then, drones have become very popular with a wide variety of applications from photography, to hunting, to inspection.

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