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These are some of the usual asked questions from our customers.

Q: How long is your turn-around time for repairs?

A: We do a 24-hour for most of our repairs, unless we run out of parts for it - which is typically rare.

Q: What do I need to ship to you?

A: What we need inside the box:

  • Drone

  • Remote Control

  • Broken Camera (if applicable)

  • Pre-printed Return Shipping Label (FedEx and UPS only. No USPS stamps please!)


      We don't want:

  • No Batteries

  • No SD cards

  • No Chargers

  • No Propellers

Q: What modes of payment do you accept?

A: We only accept Paypal for now.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: The customer (you) will be paying for shipping back and forth. We request you to please include         a "pre-printed & pre-paid return label for the package.

Q: Can I backout from a repair?

A: Yes. We do not charge for diagnosis, and if you think the cost of repair is not worth it, we will ship       the drone back to you at No Charge.

Q: Is there warranty for repair?

A: Yes. There is a 30-day warranty for repairs so long as there is no crash and/or signs of negligence       on the drone.

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Drone Repair Expert is a group of drone repair experts that has been in the drone-fixing business for more than 10 years. We have started out as RC plane hobbyists. Drones came out a few years back and our whole team became fascinated with the technology, that we included to make a career out of building and fixing them. Since then, drones have become very popular with a wide variety of applications from photography, to hunting, to inspection.

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We try to reply to you as fast as we can. We try to be open 24/7 as much as we can. We are not a big company like DJI who has a full-blown call-center. We are just a bunch of guys running a small repair shop. But we strive our best to give you personal service. You will not just be a phone number or an email address.

Call/Text: +1 469-207-6363